"At Last, A Free Professional QR Code Generator!"

Are you a business owner or local business consultant who needs to create these QR codes to pull instant responses from your mobile phone customers?...


More and more savvy local business owners are beginning to understand the value of promoting their website and services using these increasingly popular QR (Quick Response) codes.

The scanning of QR codes rose by a whopping 2000% in the last 6 months of 2010.

Their usage is set to explode in 2011, thanks in part, to this software which places QR code production firmly in the hands of the general consumer. 


Now Available, The Quantum QR Generator Release 1.5


QR Code Generator Software


QR Generator Screenshot


 Encoding features include:-

  •  Text Messages 
  •  Instantly transfer the reader to your Mobile Website URL 
  •  Email details 
  •  Business card contact information 
  •  Mobile phone number 


Until now, if a small business wanted one of these Quick Response codes custom producing, it often came with a large business price tag, from consultants and agencies, with access to this emerging technology.

Not Anymore!!

Now you can download, in seconds, this QR Code Generator Software for use on your own desktop.

Create multiple QR codes for your business or personal use, you can even charge your local businesses a fee to create them.

This software is compatible with Windows / XP® or later and installs in less than one minute.


The Quantum QR Code Generator 1.5 is 100% Free.